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Live life on your own terms.

If you have had enough of...

  • Working in the building game day and night and seeing little results for your efforts,
  • Trying your best to generate new leads with no success,
  • Being constantly stressed about where your next job wil come from,
  • Slaving away for someone else,
  • Having no time for friends or family or your hobbies,
  • Wanting to escape the rat race and build your own building business but not sure how...

You are not alone.

Over 80 builders across Australia and NZ were on the same track until they talked to Smith & Sons who have gave them the systems and tools to absolutely transform their businesses and lives for the better.

We get builders.

There is a lot of people and companies out there promising all kinds of things on how to 'make it' in the building game - but ask yourself - what have they done so far? Where is their 'track record'? Smith & Sons is THE only national renovation company across Australia and NZ that has proven results to get you where you want to go in your business. 

Who are we?

Smith & Sons Renovations & Extensions are a franchised renovation company, who help builders grow a profitable renovations business. Our branding, marketing, and business systems give builders the chance to get off the tools and create a professional and effective business.

Hear from Leah and Brett from Smith & Sons Mackay...

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What You Get

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Don’t take it from us, ask our Team

With a franchise network of over 90 franchisees stretching across Australia, NZ and Canada, Smith & Sons has the credibility and know-how to help you achieve your business and life goals. Since 2007, Smith & Sons has helped people just like you transform their business and see the fantastic results of a better business, better family and better community. See below are just two of the many happy, profitable franchisees across our network that have changed their business lives around.

Sydney Renovation Builder

Prior to signing up with Smith & Sons, I had been on the tools for over 12 years as a subcontractor, and had tried and failed in a building partnership.

I had my reservations about joining a franchise, but decided to meet the Sydney North Master Franchisee, Mark McNulty anyway. He spoke to me about the benefits of joining Smith & Sons, including the back of house support and the systems.

I decided to join the team instead of competing against them. My decision has paid off and I am now part of a network of passionate and professional builders who support my family and my business.

- Justin Burrows - Smith & Sons Dee Why, Sydney

Tom And Terry 2 Square

When looking into the business - we came to the belief that the group presence and brand in time would be significant. We also loved the support of the Master Franchisees and other franchisees with good and successful management systems.

Since we have joined the group - we have found the Smith & Sons group presence and marketing experience has enabled our business to be well known in a very short space of time. And, we have changed our mindset on how to run a very successful business.

We would definitely encourage any other builders to come on board as everything that was promised to us in the beginning has been true, and the support has been never ending and given so freely.

- Tom Jeffrey and Terry Douglas - Smith & Sons Wollongong, NSW


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