The Smith & Sons Franchise Opportunity

If you are a builder looking for a way to get ahead in the building industry - a Smith and Sons renovation building franchise could be the answer. A Smith & Sons franchise combines your skill with building with our resources, tools and systems to turn your business into a professional building business with a definitive edge over your competitors.

Do you love the building industry, but just can't seem to get ahead?

  • Are you sick of working all day then coming home to quote all night?
  • Have you had enough of having no time with your family and friends?
  • Are you frustrated by having no marketing material, or marketing material that is always a poor second?
  • Are you constanly worried about where your next job will come from?
  • Do you have goals and dreams but just don't have the vehicle to take you there?
  • Overwhelmed with knowing you will work your entire life and have nothing to sell when you want to retire?

At Smith & Sons, these are exactly the reasons that builders come to see us and invest in a Smith & Sons Franchise. Many builders think that their situation or problems are unique but the fact is we have helped many builders just like you to overcome their situation.

So in a nutshell how do we help?

Here's just a few of the benefits of becoming part of Smith and Sons...

  • The instant credibilty of a national renovation brand,
  • Professional marketing to make you stand out from the crowd,
  • Systems to make your business run efficently and profitably,
  • Easy to use estimating software,
  • Preferred buying agreements,
  • The support of an experienced head office team,
  • The friendship and team of a large group of builders,
  • Time for yourself, your family and lifestyle
  • Building an asset to sell.


More from our Team…

Gold Coast Renovation Builder

This year has been a great year at Smith & Sons Gold Coast Central, on a business level we have pretty much doubled our sales and employed up to 5 people, and built some very successful projects. On a personal level I have the best work/life balance, as you get older and your kids are growing you realise its the most important thing. I have been hugged by 2 clients this year one of them was this morning, their genuine appreciation makes it all worth while.

Bring on next year!

- Neil Whittred - Smith & Sons Gold Coast Central

Cairns Renovation Builders

In our first 18 months with Smith and Sons we have developed the confidence and been provided the opportunity to establish ourselves in the renovations market place with their great systems, training and staff. A constant supply of leads has provided a good work flow and enabled us to set up a design centre, take on necessary staff and set our business up for the future.

Looking forward, our goals are to increase our market share and develop a reputation for being the number one renovation builder in our area. Since joining the Smith and Sons team, we have never looked back!

- Damien & Anna Hyde - Smith & Sons Cairns South